Lasting impressions… 

It was as if I had opened up a book whilst dreaming only to discover that with the turning of each page came a wave of real feeling.  Each new chapter brought forth a steady stream of energy and emotion, grabbing my attention like so few things before.  A vast collection of encounters played out on the pages in front of me.  Words rooted deep with meaning, trickled down upon the countless paths I explored.  Story after story I was left with lasting impressions…  the words of Muir resonating within me, "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."  Unable to set down nature's book I continue to read on intently. 

For me, the natural world is poetry in motion.  It surrounds me with impressive details and intimate moments.  It captures my imagination.  Wildlife fill this world with wonder.  They teach me a lot about beauty, intelligence, sacrifice and struggle.  They speak an abstract language which provides me with much inspiration.  

I'm committed to speaking up for wildlife and wilderness.  I believe that a healthier, more diverse and lively Earth, one not diminished by indifference and ignorance, but instead sustained with compassion and respect is a world that benefits and enriches all of us.  We should appreciate and better understand the many other unique inhabitants we share this planet with.

As I continue to pursue this art form with all of my energy, I look forward to sharing pieces of this journey with you.

Thank you for visiting,

Matthew Polvorosa Kline